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Foreign support - BBCode YouTube Mod v1.5 ENG

kidzior - Pon 30 Kwi, 2007
Temat postu: BBCode YouTube Mod v1.5 ENG
Mod name : BBCode Youtuber Mod v1.0, modified and tested on Phpbb2, ver. '1.12.5 by Przemo'.
Author : michaeltripp < > (Mike)
Modified by : zuarw2006 <> (Mariusz ?.)
Translate: kidzior
Information about modification: Adds a new tag to BBCode. It is very usefull if You want to share Your movies from service.
Demo: For example:


Dificulty: Easy
Time: ~8min.
Files to edit: 7
- templates/THEME/bbcode.tpl
- templates/THEME/posting_body.tpl
- includes/bbcode.php
- images/jsscripts.js
- posting.php
- privmsg.php
- language/lang_polish/lang_main.php
Attached files: None

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