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English FAQ - SQL Permissions

paszczak000 - Pon 01 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: SQL Permissions
In this version I have decided not to give all admins access to SQL selection in admin's panel. In this section there are situated some functions which can damage forum if you don't know what they are doing. If admin without permission try to enter to this section he will be redirected to place where can be added main admin with ability to modify list of administrators. When you add first admin remove (or rename) this file.

With security reason acces do SQL menu is only for selected main admins. If you dont have access and you think that is wrong, tell it to main admin. If you are main admin you can add new main admins added with ID`s, if you dont know what that mean, dont think about SQL for security your forum :> If you are added admin, bottom is form to change lists admins, if you are main admin and dont see this form, go to SQL --> Permissions you will be able to choose your id (default is 2) as main, and you will can add new lists admins.
Remember after add your ID change name or delete /admin/main_admin.php if not your admins will be able to remove you and add yours ID.

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