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English FAQ - phpMyAdmin - using

paszczak000 - Pon 01 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: phpMyAdmin - using
When You enter phpmyadmin, you must choose a database on the left side.

You will see all the tables which are in this database.

If You want to edit a table, just click on it :) Now You can see the structure of this table

At the top You can see Browse, Click it. Now You can see the data which is in this table

If You want to edit some records, click on the 'pencil' in front of the record. After editing pres Go.

<a name="#sql">All the time at the top is SQL If You want run some query/queries on database click it. </a>
Add some query in the white box and press Go
UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_style = 1 WHERE user_style = 4

Empty - Deleting all record without table. Now you have a empty table and You can add some records :)
Drop - Deleting the table with records.

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