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English FAQ - Transferring forum

regua - Sro 03 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: Transferring forum
If you want to transfer the forum from one server to another server you should follow certain steps:
1. Prepare the new server.
2. Create a database there (via phpMyAdmin).
3. Close the forum in the administration panel.
4. Then export the database (both THE STRUCTURE and DATA) and save it as file.
5. You copy the catalogue with the forum on your disk (to have all avarts, files etc.).
6. Change the information about database in config.php.
7. Upload the catalogue with the forum on the new server and remember about changing CHMODs of certain catalouges.
8. Edit the drop of the database, find the address of the old server in table phpbb_config and replace it with the new address.
9. Upload modified database via phpMyAdmin.
10. Check if everything in check_files.php is correct.
11. Enter the forum on the new server, unlock it via administration panel and check whether it works.[/list:u]If you have done everything properly the forum should work without any problems.

Originally posted by azwel

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