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English FAQ - Could not connect to the database

regua - Sro 03 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: Could not connect to the database
phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

Script couldn't make connection to the database
We don't know why...
So topics with this error will be CLOSED and you'll get WARNING.

There are plenty of causes...

Ask yourself a question:

Did it work earlier?

If the answer is


Than it means that:
either your SQL server is dead (it happens even to the best)
or temporary you can't connect to the database (for example there is too many connections, and server can't handle them all)
or someone did somthing to your config.php file --> check if there is everything as it should be

If the answer is


If you have an account on Lycos- you didn't activate your database. How to do this? Log in on, ands turn on: MYSQL -> deactivated to activated. Remember, if you would deactivate MYSQL you'll lose your forum.

If you have Cpanel: it's very likely that when you created databese, you didn't create user with privileges to this database

No one knows, and even here you won't find your answer .


Originally posted by Widmo, translated by Rif_Raf

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