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English FAQ - CHMOD - how to do it

regua - Sro 03 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: CHMOD - how to do it
How to set files and directories's CHMOD on FTP server

please read this carefully (tranlation from :
Some servers to save files using http, like our forum (e.g. avatars, pictures, files and ohers) require adequate permissions to save (chmod) We can set those permissions via FTP client which has its own console (e.g. TotalCommander), write: chmod 777 fileordirectoryname
In general after forum instalation we can do nothing, but if problems with file uploads show, we have to set this permissions to this directories and files:
(there are no tmp directories in original phpBB but some servers require them in strange places that's why i created them



How to do it PRECISELY?

Graphic preview: how to change file and directory's attributes(chmod)
using Windows Commander, Total Commander:
- on FTP server !

1. When it comes to change file / directory chmod
- you have to choose at the start menu:
Files ---> Change attributes like this:

Window where you can change the attributes appears, settings can be changed through changing numbers or checking particular options
2.To set chmod on 777 :

3.To set chmod on 666 :

######## CHMODs on FTP server look like this ########

We can check out file / directory CHMOD easily:

All was easy and clearly told ;)

Originally posted by Sosnik

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