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English FAQ - Board Rules

regua - Sro 03 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: Board Rules

  • 1. Obey the netiquette rules. Each behavior out of the "decency" borders will be granted a warning.
  • 2. Before writing anything read each board section's rules. Choose suitable section.
  • 3. Give your topic a name that will express its content. Topics like "Help!!!!" or "Problem!!!" will be deleted at once.
  • 4. Use the search tool. Each topic that has been mentioned before will be deleted.
  • 5. Read users' signatures. If he told you not to contact him via MSN, PM, e-mail, Skype etc. then don't do that!
  • 6. If you want to show off with your board - use the SPAM section.
  • 7. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden!
  • 8. Maximum number of lines in your signature is 4. Don't use images/buttons/banners there.
  • 9. Give your real board address in your profile - with NO free domains and NO URL-redirection!
  • 10. Don't use high colour or animated avatars - we're working here and trying to concentrate!
  • 11. If you want to include a code in your post (eg. error message) use [code] [/code] tags - it'll be more readable. To quote someone's statement, use [quote] [/quote].
  • 12. Don't ask here about 'clear' phpBB. Ask here.
  • 13. Abuse of 'helped' points will be granted a warn and deleting of ALL your 'helped' points!
  • 14. Trolling will be treated in one way - ban.
  • 15. Not obeying to these rules can give you a warn, in some cases even a ban.

[b0]Warnings settings:[/b0]
[b1]writing prohibition[/b1] - doesn't exist
[b2]account ban[/b2] - after 8 warnings
[b3]maximum value of a warning that a moderator can give[/b3] - 8

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