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English FAQ - "This board has no forums" when you enter forum

regua - Pią 05 Maj, 2006
Temat postu: "This board has no forums" when you enter forum
1.Always check if you have the latest forum version:
if not - update...

2.Try to synchronize forum:
Administration Panel >> Forum Admin >> Synchronize
do it 2 times.

3.Check forum's permissions, if private permissions are set:
set general permissions on "simple mode" and "registered".
Administration Panel >> Forum Admin >> Permissions

4.Ensure that you have some forums...
Administration Panel >> Forum Admin >> Management

5.If nothing helped:
Open data base and search for table phpbb_forums
Look through, when you find forum_id = 0, delete it or change it forum_id into e.g. 1000. Forum should work properly.

Originally posted by Sosnik

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